Ceilidh (pronounced “Kay-lee”) as far as the ‘Tern Valley Tinkers’ are concerned is an evening of English country dance. Some people might say that it is a barn dance or folk dance.

These dances take place in village halls, sports centres, barns, hotels, marquees, outdoors (weather permitting), or any venue where fifty to one hundred and fifty people of all ages can gather together and enjoy informal dances to good lively music.

We have played ceilidhs for churchesschools, and other community groups (Young Farmers Clubs, Parent Teachers Associations, recreational and sports clubs), garden partiesreunionsstudent partiesprivate parties (birthdays and anniversaries) and weddingsHaving a Ceilidh is the perfect icebreaker!

No experience is necessary! Our caller makes sure that the dances are always clearly explained and walked through before the music starts playing so that nobody is at a disadvantage. Our caller chooses dances to fit the occasion and the dancing skills of the audience and will try to help those who are not natural dancers. The emphasis is on having fun!

The dances are for sets of couples, but if you come on your own that does not present a problem. A Ceilidh is a wonderful social mixer and you’ll have no problem finding a partner. Many of the dances are progressive anyway, so you will be changing partner quite often. Dances we do include Circassian Circle, the Cumberland Square Eight and Strip the Willow!

You can do all or only a few of the dances, the choice is yours but once you get to know a few of the dance terms you will want to do more. There is no dress code, however comfortable shoes are a good idea. There is usually a break half way through the evening for food, the raffle, any announcements and a welcome rest.

The beauty of these dances is that they can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The youngsters can put a great deal of enthusiasm into the dances whereas the older people can still enjoy their dancing at their own pace.

Most people go home having really enjoyed the evening and wishing that they’d joined in more of the dances. We play a large selection of English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish jigs, reels and hornpipes great for dancing. To hear some short recordings of ceilidh tune sets we play follow this link to the samples page.

If after a Ceilidh you would like to carry on dancing, we can plug your iPod/iPad or laptop into our sound system which allows you to make a playlist of music in advance. Alternatively we can provide a DJ Disco. We have a selection of party lights, including LED (light emitting-diode) fixtures which can operate on a sound to light function.

To see some photographs and videos of ceilidhs follow this link to the gallery.